What is Logotec App Studio

  • Solutions are created completely without programming (coding)

  • A solution is defined once (not for each operating system separately)

  • After a solution is defined, the cloud-service automatically generates native applications for all devices (computers, tablets and phones) working under Windows 10, Android, iOS and macOS (these are not "browser" solutions)

  • The time needed to create solutions (compared to traditional methods) is reduced from months to days

  • No programming knowledge is required. It can be used not only by programmers, but also by IT consultants or "power users"

  • It can be used to create

  • It can be used:

    • both for creating dedicated "tailor-made" solutions,

    • as well as to create systems sold repeatedly (they are then distinguished by easy and quick configurability and that they work on all popular operating systems and devices)

  • The solutions created work online and offline and are "inherently" multilingual

  • Logotec App Studio is offered as a cloud service

Traditional methods vs Logotec App Studio

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