Dedicated solutions

In many cases, the needs of an organization are specific and

  • ... either there are no ready-made solutions to meet these needs,

  • ... or these solutions meet these needs only partially, and their change or extension is practically impossible.

Fast, often unexpected changes in business are something obvious today, and "ready" solutions are not created so that they can easily be adapted to these changes. In such situations, dedicated solutions should be considered.

Unfortunately, despite the fact that the need to create dedicated applications has been definitely increasing lately, the possibility of creating them is definitely decreasing:

  • solutions are becoming more advanced

  • the "hardware landscape" of most companies today looks completely different than it was a few years ago:

    • instead of personal computers with Windows, we have computers / portable computers with Windows 10 and macOS on desks, as well as smartphones and tablets working on the Android, iOS or Windows 10 operating systems

... which means that every solution must work on many operating systems and not just on one (which multiplies costs)

As a result:

  • application development costs are very high

  • the time needed to create an application is very long

  • ... and deadlines even longer

  • the result is often uncertain

  • changes in requirements are able to "explode" the project

  • possible expansion of the dedicated solution in the future is expensive

  • ... so the investment risk is very high

When we add to this the very high costs of programmers and difficulties in finding a team with experience in creating solutions for all operating systems, it becomes understandable why the decision to order the creation of dedicated software is not easy.

The solution to these problems is the "no-code" or “code-less” approach - complete or partial replacement of traditional programming ("coding") by "application generators", which menas creating applications by defining/configuring them without programming.

Most analytical companies (Gartner, etc.) believe that this way of creating applications will soon take over.

Our Logotec App Studio is an attempt to solve these problems:

  • thanks to it, it is possible to create applications incomparably faster than traditional methods

  • every application created automatically works on all popular operating systems (Windows 10, Android, iOS, macOS) and devices (personal computers, smartphones, tablets)

  • because the creation of a functioning prototype takes days, not months, the investment risk is minimal - the more so that the extension with new functionality and changes become quick and simple

For this reason, we are able to quickly create dedicated solutions

for all popular operating systems and devices

incomparably faster than with traditional methods.

Still not sure whether to let us create a dedicated app for your company?

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